This blog draws on over 10 years of work with young people whose use of video games, social media or mobile devices was causing them, and those around them, distress, and was limiting their life-chances. But as devices crept into every pocket and bag, and now onto every wrist, the need to keep thinking about our relationship with new technologies grew. Every day now brings fresh and challenging questions, and a need to  maintain a quiet space for neutral or agnostic reflections on them. These have now found their home in the form of a diary. The thoughts blend evidence from medicine, psychiatry, psychology, clinical practice plus news and research into online trends. Inevitably some speculation accompanies the evidence, as we struggle to find meaning and understanding  when confronted by extraordinary events.

But the focus is always on how we get the most from new technologies, without the diverse risks and problematic uses spoiling the great opportunities. In that way, the hope is to promote digital well-being, so that we can all get to live healthier, happier, longer lives, and leave a better world for those that follow.

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